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We Moved!

All things are packed up and reorganized down in the lovely state of Maryland. We will be offering services on both shores! Show season is right around the corner and looking forward to finally getting out with a healthy string of horses and focusing on the growth of all my riding clients who are showing as much passion as I have! So motivating.

Also, we had a new nugget born in March!

"It is better to walk alone, than with a crowd going in the wrong direction."

If you guys haven't heard yet, Branded Equine and Johnna Stables are hosting the weekend seminar of the Masterson Method!
Currently the class is full and registration is closed.
We are super excited to support such a great program.

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Upcoming Events

  • BEST horse Show : March 25-26
  • WIlliamston, NC 
    March 30-2)

  • DQHA April 14-16th